From the beginning she stood there, the fir tree.
It was planted a long time ago by the hands of my grandparents.
It was once a small, delicate tree.
But in all those decades it became big and powerful.
Protective, but sometimes also terrifying.
After all these years it had to give way.
It became too big, too powerful.
It took up a lot of space.
Denied the cottage, which was small and slender next to the light.
So it happened last December that her last hour came.
A little wistfully I watched the forester Jakob at his work.
I saw her gradually give way until she had almost completely disappeared.
But now the cottage has light again, can breathe again.
But she has not completely disappeared. She will delight us all in another form.
In what form that will turn out to be.
Still different possibilities ghost through my head.
Together with Jakob something beautiful will be created again.
Next summer the metamorphosis of the fir will be finished for the time being.
So it will somehow be preserved for us and will somehow continue to protect and delight us.